I was an engineer at Intel Corporation for 27 years or so (joined June of 1986 and left December 2012) where I did many neat things and worked with some pretty awesome engineers.  One of the projects I got to work on is Bluetooth technology.  In the late 90's I helped form and lead a Special Interest Group I codenamed Bluetooth, after the 10th century Danish King.

While I've done many interesting technology things (have over 100 patents, 5 Intel Achievement Awards, was a Senior Principal Engineer and Chief Power Technology Officier for Intel), it 

appears I will be remembered for naming the Bluetooth technology (never thought that would happen). 25 years after the face I'm still meeting with my buddies I worked with on developing Bluetooth, and now I'm part of an exhibit at Danish National Museum (the Viking Kings Muesum) in Jelling Denmark, which was King Harald Bluetooth's capitol and is the location of the Jelling stone which inspired the codename for this famous radio technology.

This page summarizes most of my articles and videos across the years during the development of the Bluetooth technology.

Here are some interesting stories about the naming of Bluetooth: